15 10, 2020

How To Read Whitetail Buck Rubs

2020-10-15T08:22:03-04:00October 15th, 2020|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Hunting, whitetail deer|3 Comments

Here’s how to place value on 4 different buck rubs you’ll find in the woods this month and next, and how to determine which ones will—and won’t—help you pin down the movements of big deer. Type: Ordinary Rub Tree: Pine or cedar 2” to 3” diameter Skinny: If you find 500 rubs, 400 will look sort of like this one. Studies show that bucks blaze ordinary-looking rubs on aromatic cedar or pine trees 70 percent of the time. They pop up from velvet-shedding time in early September on through the rut. Six- or 8-pointers or a giant 10 might make them. You just never know. Hunt Value: Low to moderate. A lot of these rubs, sometimes in clusters, tell you [...]

12 10, 2020

188 5/8-Inch Alabama Buck

2020-10-12T08:02:31-04:00October 12th, 2020|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Hunting, sportsman channel, whitetail deer|0 Comments

Fine guest blog from Tracy Kelsoe, who lives and hunts in Lawrence County, Alabama: Have you ever heard of someone who would not hunt a 188” buck? Well, I’m that guy. The reason I would not hunt the buck is because I wanted my dad, Clifton Kelsoe, who was 82 years old at the time, to take him. We had trail came pics of this deer for 3 years. No daylight pics. Dad killed him on December 7th 2016. He shot the buck at 200 yards, not bad for an 82-year-old. The buck had over 50” of mass. We took it to the Birmingham deer show where it took first place non-typical and third place typical. The buck’s final score [...]

7 10, 2020

Indiana: Trace Koble’s Deer Reduction Zone Giant Buck!

2020-10-07T11:37:33-04:00October 7th, 2020|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Bowhunting, Deer Hunting, whitetail deer|1 Comment

Friend and long-time Big Deer blogger Dean Weimer filed this field report: "Trace Koble started his 2020-21 Indiana deer season within the Allen County Deer Reduction Zone (DRZ) by killing the requisite doe on Sept. 15, which is the traditional beginning of the annual reduction hunts statewide. "Koble was happy to kill his "earn-a-buck” doe so that he could then focus on the mega-buck he’d been patterning in the days leading up to Friday, Oct. 2. This is a first-look at Koble’s big non-typical. The official Big Deer story is coming soon. Stay Tuned!" As Weimer was filing that report, another archery giant hit the ground in Indiana. Dean says: “Mike, check out Bradley Noll’s archery brute below! Man, the [...]

28 09, 2020

Early Season Whitetail: Hunt Ridge Runner Bucks

2020-09-28T10:05:55-04:00September 28th, 2020|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Bowhunting, Deer Hunting, whitetail deer|0 Comments

One summer the talk of Waupaca County, Wisconsin, was a ginormous buck on the prowl. The giant was feeding in beans and alfalfa on a farmer’s property just ½ mile from Paul Keller’s 80- acre hunting spot. Through observation and low-impact scouting, Paul confirmed that the buck was walking a timbered ridge on his property to get to a patch of standing corn, also on Paul’s land. Paul hung a few tree stands on and near the ridge, and one day in September he killed one of the top bow bucks of 2012—the massive 27-pointer grossed 244! The buck was walking a timbered ridge within ½-mile of the fields… A spot like that is one of the best for early-season bow [...]

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