13 02, 2017

Illinois Coyote Hunt: 5 Critters and a Shed

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Longtime BIG DEER blogger Scott from MI and his buddies made their annual trek to coyote camp, and he recaps their awesome hunt: Hi Mike: We headed out about 9:30 am Thursday morning Jan. 26th from Michigan and made the 6-hour trip to northwest Illinois, to a place along the Mississippi River.  The normal gang was along for the hunt, good friends John, Ryan, Mike and Jason. My dad Russ did not make the trip this year but I told him I would keep him posted with the play by play if we got some action. The weather was pretty good, mid-teens at night and mid-20s during the day. Winds were a little stronger than we would have liked, about [...]

6 02, 2017

Where to Hunt Shed Whitetail Antlers

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Pick up a deer trail and follow it for a half-mile or more, until you come to a thick and obvious bedding area. In late winter that might be a brushy southern exposure that gets midday sunlight, or the east side of a grassy ridge or swamp where deer hunker out of a northwest wind. Last hunting season if you were smart, you would have stopped, tested the wind and worked the outer fringes of such a sanctuary so as not to spook deer. But now, plow right in. Montana artist and shed-hunting fanatic Dick Idol told me one time that he finds 60 percent of his sheds in and around thick covers where mature bucks hide in late winter. [...]

3 02, 2017

Saskatchewan Whitetail: Massive Shed Leads to Massive Buck!

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Last March Quinten Saunders of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, found this incredible antler and knew he had a special deer to hunt in the fall. Some 8 months later Quinten, who bills himself as an “extreme outdoorsman and hunting guide,” shot the beast. Posting on Instagram he said: Well on Nov. 22 the chase for this mass monster came to an end…look for me and the story of this true Saskatchewan whitetail in Big Game Illustrated and the Big Buck magazines. Just so you know both those Canadian publications are very popular with deer hunters north of the border. Hard to tell what a rack like that will score, but who cares! The overall mass measurements will be off the charts, [...]

18 01, 2017

Shed Hunting: Why Some Bucks Drop Antlers in December or Early January

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Kelly aka “Shedhunter” from South Dakota sent this picture of a fresh shed he found the other day, and it got me to wondering: What causes bucks in some areas to shed their antlers early in late December or early January? QDMA biologist Kip Adams points to a couple of things. “Nutrition is important, as bucks in good physical condition generally retain their antlers longer than those who are nutritionally stressed,” he says. “Widespread early antler casting (in your area) may signify a nutritionally stressed herd resulting from too many deer for what the habitat can support.” Also, Kip says that in northern states mature bucks typically shed antlers earlier than younger, smaller deer. “(Older) bucks skip many meals during [...]

27 04, 2016

2016 Prices For Deer & Elk Sheds

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Mike: What are antlers going for these days? I have a big pile I might want to unload if the price is right.—Dave For starters, depends on the condition and grade of the sheds: Grade A: Antler in perfect condition, brown and beautiful, with no fading...no broken tines or chew marks…this year’s drop, antler picked up within a few weeks or months. Grade B: Antler in good condition, still natural brown color, may be dull or faded on one side and slightly weathered, probably last year’s drop. May have slight broken tine or chip. Grade C: Antler faded and weathered to white and chalky, on the ground for 2 or 3 years. What are they worth? These are spring 2016 [...]