21 10, 2019

How To Hunt Deer When The Corn Gets Cut

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Look at the first trail camera image, a lot of bucks including this giant drop tine had been walking the chute between the standing corn and the hedgerow for a month. Image 2 shows the corn recently cut, and since then no deer have shown up on camera. It's like this all over the country in October, fields of standing corn are being cut, so how do you adjust? The days after a farmer cuts the crops can be awesome for hunting. The sudden change in habitat forces deer to move around a lot as they settle into new bed-to-feed patterns. The animals will seek out alternative food sources (most often acorns and browse) and especially new bedding/travel cover in [...]

8 10, 2019

Oklahoma Bowhunter Rings In New Season With 200-Inch Giant

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From Oklahoman.com: Jeff Booth almost didn’t take his bow with him (last) Wednesday. He was planning to drive up from his Broken Arrow home to his hunting lease in northeast Oklahoma to just put up a camera near a deer stand. He figured the chances of killing a nice buck on the second day of archery season in 90-plus degree weather were remote at best. “I have never killed a good deer in October,” said Booth. Booth had a change of heart, however, and grabbed his bow at the last minute. He decided if he was going to drive all that way, he might as well take his bow and sit in the deer stand for a while. He is [...]

27 09, 2019

Bowhunting: 4 Top Tree Stands For October

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A bunch more bow seasons will open in early October; you can’t go wrong by hanging a stand in these spots: Break Line: Look for a linear strip where pines, cedars or hardwood trees come together with brush, tall grass or second-growth saplings. Deer walk and browse on these edges; bucks rub and scrape on the lines as the rut approaches. Hardwood Ridge: A narrow hogback with acorn trees within 100 yards of a corn or bean field is one of my favorite spots. Deer cut around points, ditches and gullies on a ridge; hang stands on these terrains to funnel bucks close. Bucks will stage, eat acorns and browse in ridge thickets not only in the evenings, but in [...]

25 09, 2019

How To Hunt Deer In October

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Some really good hunters I know don’t hunt their best spots until around Halloween, and then they hunt them hard for the next two weeks. Their strategy is sound: put no pressure on bucks until they start rutting and moving more in daylight hours. Good in theory, yes, but I don’t believe that approach is practical for most of us. You’re busy…you bowhunt when you can. If that happens to be in October, great. The woods are beautiful, the weather is nice and there are fewer people in the timber than there will be come November. There are opportunities to get your buck, and here are some things to keep in mind. Food in the Woods Grant Woods, one of [...]

23 09, 2019

North Carolina 2019: Big Year For Big Bow Bucks!

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Every year when bow seasons open in September in some states across the country, one state gets particularly hot for big bucks. This year it’s North Carolina, where the archery season opened September 8. First we blogged about the 160-inch velvet 8-pointer that Brandon Johnson killed on opening day. Since then we’ve heard of 4 more NC giants. We got word of all these bucks from the Carolina Sportsman website. If you hunt or fish in the Carolinas, you need to check out and bookmark this site, it’s a fantastic regional resource. Jonathan Phillips of Pittsboro, NC shot this 9 1/2-year-old buck (above) on opening day. The Chatham County deer scored 137 5/8, proof that rack score means little. Anybody [...]