Indiana: Huge Buck Found Dead to EHD

IN edh buck

Dean W. reports that this beautiful buck, 170-class, was found in west-central Indiana by a friend of a friend and suspected to be an EHD fatality. As compared to last year, EHD has been light across North America in 2013, although there have been spotty outbreaks that have killed some bucks, like this Indiana giant. It is that way every year from Montana to the East Coast, EHD always gets some deer.

Damn shame this tall-tined buck was killed by that dreaded disease.

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  1. According to information put out by the IDNR 26 counties (out of 92 total counties in our state) have reported EHD deaths this past summer. The northern portion of the state seems to have been spared, as we had a very wet spring/early summer. Last year my area received a mere .60 of an inch of rain from the first day of June through July 7. This year in that same time period we recorded nearly 8 inches of rainfall; thus all but eliminating EHD’s effects in our part of the Hoosier State.
    I also wanted to add that a new strain of HD from Australia (known as EHDV-6) is responsible for many of the midwest’s outbreaks in the last decade. It’s a dreaded disease that is a fact of life in our new climate/deer hunting scenario. If you live in an area with a higher-than-average deer density, and you live in an area that can and will experience drought, or warming average temperatures it’s a matter of time before your herd is hit. It used to be a “souther” disease; but no longer. Look at what is happening up in Montana…

  2. What a shame and David like you said someone is crying over that one. I haven’t heard of EHD being bad this year, but CWD hit really hard in Northern Missouri and is taking a toll up there.

  3. Sounds crazy, but I’d take EHD over CWD any time. That’s some bad stuff right there; really bad stuff. Sorry to hear that for the folks in N. Mizzou.

    • Agreed……my guess is that buck is a 2012 EHD victim. Wicked bad drought in Indiana in 2012.

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