Minnesota Kid’s 185″ Buck

MI kid 185 buck

One day last November, Malcolm Bradbury and his dad, Brad, were sitting in a blind on their 115-acre farm when they spotted the spotted the biggest buck either one of them had ever seen.

Malcom had passed up several deer earlier in the day, and for the next 7 uneventful hours he and has dad had sat and chatted and ate sandwiches and jerky, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Around 4 p.m., the 185-gross buck stepped out, and Malcom dropped him in his tracks with one bullet.

3 takeaways from this hunt:

–“One of the keys to shooting big deer is to simply be patient,” Boyd said. “Malcolm has a lot of patience.” Especially for his age, I add. Patience and the right mindset. “I only shoot big, mature deer,” Malcom said.

–Those 7 hours of downtime during the hunt were the best of times, because that father-son time in the deer woods is special and fleeting. Take advantage while you can.

–Did I mention that Malcom killed the brute last November 10? How many times have I told you that regardless of weather, moon and everything else, November 10 is one of the best days to hunt and kill big deer in America. Take that week off if you can.


6 thoughts on “Minnesota Kid’s 185″ Buck

  1. Mike that’s no joke November 8-12th is definitely the best hunting time in most of the midwest and northern states to catch a big buck on his feet. You say it every year and it always holds true especially when the weather is just right during those days. Malcom congrats on being patient and holding out for a mature buck. Many kids would shoot the first buck that comes their way and I wouldn’t blame them, but to challenge yourself at such a young age is an admirable thing my friend. Congrats again on a true GIANT!

  2. Nice buck. Was the kid from Michigan and hunting in Michigan? Or was their 115 acres in some other state? Regular firearm season in Michigan doesn’t open till November 15.

  3. Thanks for the clarification. It would have been nice to see that a buck like that was taken in my home state of Michigan.
    And to AckBoater. Nowhere in the article did it say 185 points. That’s 185″

    • If you click on the first link highlighted in orange in the article it states the buck has 185 points.

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