New Jersey Bowhunter Revitalizes Farm, Shoots 6.5-Year-Old Buck

NJ jeff 2018 buck

In 2016, Jeff Herrmann, long-time friend of BIG DEER, bought a rundown farm in New Jersey and set about making it a dedicated hunting property. The land is 133 acres, 40 of those tillable.

Well into his third year of land management, Jeff has put in 10 acres of beautiful food plots. “What you see in the picture below are primarily brassicas,” he says. “Specifically, groundhog radish, purple top turnip and dwarf essex rape.

NJ jeffs farm plot

The work is paying off. In October, Jeff shot this great big-bodied 7-pointer with his bow. “I believe he was the oldest buck on the property when I bought the farm, at least 4.5 back then.”

Proof that with dedication and hard work, anybody can create and revitalize a personal hunting paradise in a relatively short time, and have the opportunity to hunt mature, heavy-bodied bucks.

Jeff is a largely one-man show who loves to do the land work himself, way to go friend!

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Bowhunter Revitalizes Farm, Shoots 6.5-Year-Old Buck

  1. Well done! It takes a lot of hard work and cash to obtain enough land to manage whether you own or long term lease then gather the equipment to produce large food plots. Lest some forget it also takes time and a lot of hard work as well. The only reason anyone would do it is for love of the hunt, TRUST ME I KNOW!
    I kill a nice buck most years on my place but guys like Jeff and I could just pay to go hunting on a well managed property and save a ton of money. Sure we are proud of the bucks we harvest but more than that is the pride we get in seeing the deer we produce. So far this year I killed a 149″ buck on my property but my and at some point I am certain Jeff’s pride and enjoyment will be in the deer that others harvest off our work. In 2018 my 600 acres has produced my buck and 3 others over 140″ with bows.

  2. Way to go Derby ! You have always put in your hard work and love to see it pay off. Congrats on a fine buck and hope to see more in the future .

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