Kyle Danflous, whose son, Devin, shot a 200-class giant with a 20-gauge shotgun in 2011, tells us about the big buck he killed with his bow last fall:

Hey Mike: On the morning of Oct. 20th I slipped into my blind around 6:45, a good 45 minutes before legal shooting time here in Ohio. It was rainy with a good overcast, so conditions were actually favorable. I hadn’t seen a thing until this guy came in at 7:45. I’m certain he was cruising for does. He came by in a light prance, and when he neared bow range I gave a soft grunt. He stopped at 15 yards, and I released the arrow. I knew I made a good shot, because I saw the arrow hit him behind the shoulder, toward his vitals. However, he didn’t go down and left me with little blood to follow, and that faded within 100 yards because of the rain. Turns out, he ran 600 yards and finally fell in the middle of a cow pasture. The buck caused me a lot of worry, doubt and 4 hours of tracking, but it was worth every second. I scored him at 166 gross and 160 6/8 net. Thanks, Kyle

 Beautiful buck, great frame, tine length and brows, nice job Kyle.