Hi Mike: I shot this deer in Calvert County, Maryland one evening last October. It is the biggest buck I have killed to date, and to get it with the bow makes it more special.


I shot him on a 25-acre parcel that I lease from a friend of mine. He came in around 6 pm, walking right down a trail toward me. He turned slightly behind some cover at 10 yards and I drew my bow. Right before I got ready to release the arrow he looked up and busted me! Not sure if he heard me or saw my movement, but he took off across the creek and stopped on the other side, perfectly broadside, next to a tree that I earlier had ranged at 40 yards. He looked back to investigate what was up in that tree I guess. I had not let my bow down yet, and was able to put a great shot on him. He took off and ran about 100 yards through the woods before he crashed. I backed out and came back an hour later with my 15 year old son and tracked him. What a great feeling to put my hands on him, with my son there.


I know that watching shows like yours have helped me become a better hunter with the way I scout, the way I look at property and the wind, place my stands, etc. Stuff like that has helped me tremendously.—Thanks, Tony