I love baseball, I love spring training time and, being from Virginia, the Nationals are my second favorite team, and so I loved this picture and post that I saw on Brietbart.

Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche said he got into bowhunting about 15 years ago and now he is obsessed with it. So much so that he recently carried his bow into the Colorado high country on a cougar hunt.

“…you don’t want to screw that up, because that could go bad really quick, as you could imagine,” LaRoche said. When you come up over the hill, and you’re eye-to-eye with that mountain lion…man, it gets your blood flowing….”

As you might expect, animal rights whackos hassled LaRoche about his kill, but no big deal, he blew that off.

He got the cat meat processed and will eat it. “(Tastes) almost like pork, it’s got a light color to it and it’s not bad,” LaRoche said.