trail cam shane 1

trail cam shane 2

Hey Mike: I sent you a photo of this buck last summer. The first picture is another one of the buck from last year, at the beginning of September. The black and white picture is the buck this summer.

I’ve been watching this deer going on 5 years now, and I’m pretty sure he’s pushing 7 years of age. He’s not an absolute monster, but it would be nice, and bitter sweet, to finally catch up with this “ghost buck.” I’d say he’s probably going downhill. He’s on the hit list for sure.

A 7-year-old wild buck is the pinnacle in our world. Once a buck survives past 4½ on hunted land, he morphs into an entirely different animal…super sensitive to the least bit of human presence, skittish, unpredictable and nocturnal, a ghost for sure.

Good luck to the hunter. If he kills this ghost with his bow, it will be a major accomplishment.