buck weighMike, at our hunt club we gut our deer out in the woods, bring them into the skinning shed and weigh them before processing. We obviously know the dressed weight, but are always guessing the live weight of those deer. Is there a good way to calculate that?—Thanks, John from VA

John, to get a good estimate of a buck’s or a doe’s live weight, hoist your gutted deer and weigh it on a scale. Then pull out your Smartphone, open the calculator and multiply the field-dressed weight by 1.28.

For example, a gutted buck that goes 140 on a scale would have weighed about 179 on the hoof in the woods. A mature 10-pointer that dressed out at 170 pounds would go about 217.

Good luck to everyone in the late season, I hope you shoot a 200-pounder live weight (hmm, that would be about 157 gutted).