ar 15 AmmoFrom Washington ExaminerAs promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56 mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including…Cabela’s to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

The AR-15 is among the firearms that the Obama Administration has unsuccessfully sought to outlaw. Since they can’t ban the rifle, they are going for the .223 ammo now.

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre told  Fox Business that Obama is “grasping at straws,” since he has been unable to ban the AR-15 in the past. “This is a president that hates the Second Amendment, hates the constitutional right of Americans to own firearms.  He can’t win at the ballot box, he can’t win in Congress, so he’s putting on his dictator’s hat and he’s going to do it by fiat. And we’re not going to let it happen.”

The NRA worked with U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, to draft a letter to BATFE expressing the lawmakers’ opposition to the proposed framework.

It is imperative that you contact your U.S. Representative and urge him or her to sign Rep. Goodlatte’s letter and to oppose BATFE’s proposed “armor piercing” ammunition framework. The NRA makes it easy for you to write your Representative, just click this link and go. Or call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Fellow gun owners and hunters, we must stand together and never waver in our support of the Second Amendment. If Obama can ban one bullet with an executive order, what’s to stop him there? I wrote my Representative, Robert Hurt (R-VA), whom I fully expect to be with us. Write or call your representative today.