sheds worthScott sent this picture of a beautiful set of 181-inch sheds he found a few years back. He had them stained, which I think looks good, but which knocks back the value of the antlers.

I asked Mike at The Antler Collector for an appraisal of these sheds; you can use his response as a track to run on if you have a large set you might want to sell sometime:

Split G-2 hurts the net…Stain, ouch, not good news. And pen-raised deer have swallowed up the prices up on the wild racks. An antler like this would need to be sold on Ebay in my opinion. He would get between $125 and $300 if lucky. A lot of 220- to 250-inch sheds sell on Ebay for $175 to $300, so it’s a tough call. These may only bring $100.

Click here for more on the grade and prices of sheds.