Ks sheds 1From Mike C., The Antler Collector on Facebook:

Nearly 18 years of trying to buy one of the most outstanding sets of Kansas sheds I have ever seen came to reality yesterday. This set was picked up 20-plus years ago in eastern Kansas by Dave Griffin.

Very little was ever spoken of this elusive giant, as Dave was VERY private. And man was he a tough cookie to break. But finally he agreed to let them go. Here are a few of the stats.

The animal’s right antler is an amazing 4-point with a few non-typicals. It scores 85 3/8, just from the typical 4 points. If it was clean, this would have been a world-record 4-point. The G-2 is 16 7/8” with a 31 3/8” beam.

ks shd 3

Now the right antler is even more world-class. Just the typical 6 points score 109 1/8”, making it the largest typical 6 points I know of on a shed or a kill buck. It has 3 tines over 13, and the beam is 31 2/8 and weighs nearly 4 1/2 pounds. This staggering antler has a total growth of 121”!

Now, would you believe the deer was even bigger the year prior? Dave found the fresh set not long after finding the prior year’s set chewed up badly. Give the same beam and brow to the fresh shed as on the chewed antler, and it would have scored a staggering 117 typical the year before. Beyond belief, it still measured 98”. That’s with only 3 mass measurements and a 24” beam. I could only imagine what it would have been like fully intact.—Mike C.

Postscript from The Antler Collector: To Dave’s knowledge, this deer was never killed. He saw him and actually has a picture or a vid of the deer the next year. He said the big typical 6-point side had grown a large extra beam. Three years after the big set of antlers, Dave found a dead deer with just the skull and antlers. He thought it could be the big buck going downhill.

KS shed 2