Danny updates us on the doe that is afflicted with the huge cutaneous fibroma and more:

md danny cam 1

Here’s a recent pic of Old Wart Face (unfortunately that’s what we named her). Both she and her babies seem to be doing just fine.

md danny 2

I also have a small buck with several small warts over his body.

md dan cam 3

The split brow tine buck is now a main frame 9 plus the split brow. It looks like he has added tine length, but no real changes to the brow tines. Would love to see what he looks like in 2017, but I don’t think I could pass if the opportunity presents itself.  He’s approaching stud level for our area.

md danny freak

Still no pics of “The Freak” (above image from last summer). Starting to wonder if maybe he didn’t make it through the 36” snowstorm we had here last winter.  If he did survive, he should be a real monster this year. Keeping my fingers crossed that he shows up yet. Bow season is quickly approaching—Danny

Thanks Danny, great update.

A few words about the deer with the fibromas: While the doe with the giant growth on her face is acting normal, she has lost an eye, and the prognosis for her long-term survival is not good. Biologists that have seen this picture say this is the biggest fibroma they have ever seen on a deer.

The small buck with warts is much more typical of a deer that gets cutaneous fibromas, which are caused by a virus. These lesions don’t usually cause deer harm, unless they lead to a secondary infection. They are like warts, and sometimes deer can lose them (they fall off). If you shot this buck, the meat should still be edible.

A word about The Freak: He might still show up on Danny’s land yet; the older a buck gets the smaller and more unpredictable his core areas get. Plus, August is when a lot of big bucks start showing up mysteriously on peoples’ cameras.

Send me your trail cam pictures to share and get everybody fired up! I’ll keep the location confidential.