200 inch buckMatt Ornes tells the story of the giant he arrowed in Adams County a few days ago. Excerpt:

Just down the trail, a big doe popped out in the open. My adrenaline now had me shaking bad. I had every intention of taking a shot at her but in the corner of my eye I noticed more movement behind her, further up the hill. I suddenly stopped shaking as I saw the bigger bodied deer coming towards the water. It walked slower and with more authority than any of the other deer I had seen that night. As it got closer I could see glimpses of antlers through the saplings. About fifteen yards out he finally cleared the saplings, and I could see tall beams. My body remained calm. I knew this was my chance. I got my late father-in-law’s bow in hand, drew back, lined up the sights on the deer, and as soon as he stepped towards the water, I let the arrow fly! I could see the arrow heading towards him and making impact. Oh my! What just happened?

After about a hundred yards of zig-zagging through the briars, we saw a massive deer lying right in front of us…. Everyone was speechless….We drug him out of the briars to a clearing to get a better look at his mass and count up the 21 points. We loaded the deer up to take to show the landowners. Everyone was smiling, beers were consumed, and I was still in shock of what had just happened.

Well, here’s what happened. Matt killed his first-ever buck with a bow, and the giant scored 200 2/8 green. To make it even more special, Matt shot the dream buck with his late father-in-law’s bow. Click here to read the entire story.

BTW, I predicted that 2016 could be the best rack year we’ve seen since 2010 across America. The Wisconsin September bow season is often a harbinger of things to come. I believe we are off and running to a major big-buck year! Good luck to everybody as you start to hunt.