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Today’s guest blog from fellow Virginia hunter Chris Davis. These are the stories I like the best, hard-working, hard-hunting Americans doing their thing, grateful for the opportunities we have, thankful for the chance to one day shoot a big deer:    

Opening day of bow season in Virginia, I went behind my house in the morning because I only had a few hours to hunt. I saw a fawn come by, but not much else. I noticed rubs on big cedar trees that were fresh. I decided to come back in the afternoon when I had more time.

When I returned later that day I saw squirrels, birds and a few hawks flying around. Daylight was starting to fade when I saw movement, a decent 6-pointer. I stood up slowly and grabbed my bow but noticed that behind him was a nice 8-pointer. As they fed on acorns, I noticed another buck coming in, a huge 7-pointer.

They fed on acorns for about 5 minutes, and had no idea I was standing there, bow in hand, ready to draw back. Finally, the time had come. I took a deep breath, and told myself to take my time and don’t mess this up. I put my pin on the 7-pointer, slowly pulled the trigger back and let my arrow fly.

I knew the shot was good when he did a mule kick and took off only to hear him crash about 60 yards away. I put my bow up and that’s when the buck fever kicked in–my legs turned to Jello! I started shaking…it took me about 20 minutes to get myself together enough to climb down.

Once down from the stand, I walked over and immediately saw blood. I followed the blood trail for about 60 yards…it was at that point I saw him and realized just how big this deer was. I thanked The Lord for the opportunity to take this big buck, and I stood there awhile in amazement. I had taken my biggest buck to date on opening day of bow season in my own backyard.—Chris Davis

Great buck and story Chris, way to go man! One of the biggest 7-pointers I’ve seen in a while.