sask shed 2

Last March Quinten Saunders of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, found this incredible antler and knew he had a special deer to hunt in the fall.

Some 8 months later Quinten, who bills himself as an “extreme outdoorsman and hunting guide,” shot the beast. Posting on Instagram he said: Well on Nov. 22 the chase for this mass monster came to an end…look for me and the story of this true Saskatchewan whitetail in Big Game Illustrated and the Big Buck magazines.

Just so you know both those Canadian publications are very popular with deer hunters north of the border.

huge canada kill 2

Hard to tell what a rack like that will score, but who cares! The overall mass measurements will be off the charts, as is the character of that beast.

Another example of why I am so enamored of those Canadian bucks, and why I keep going back up there every November.

Way to go Quinten, dream buck man!

huge canada kill 3