Today’s guest blog from our friend Danny Myers:

MD lexi 2017

My daughter Lexi had reached the point that all of us have reached at some point in our hunting lives. It was several weeks into the season, and she still had not had a deer within bow range.  On top of that the temperatures had been in the upper 80’s for the last week or so.  She was frustrated and so was I.  We decided to take a week off and according to the cameras, we didn’t miss anything.

Finally the temperatures broke, and it started to feel like fall again.

It took about a 10-minute lecture convincing her to go that night, but afterward, she was happy she did.

We were running late and didn’t settle into the tent blind until around 6:15.  But we had some does coming in by 6:45, so must have sneaked in quietly enough.  They kept looking behind them and I told her that something else was coming.

After a few minutes, a small 4-point followed the does in.  I reminded Lexi of our conversation earlier, when I’d explained we weren’t trophy hunters, and that we know some families who would really appreciate the meat.  She nodded and got ready for a shot. As the 4-point closed the distance, he paused at about 40 yards.

That’s when I saw another buck coming in from our left.

Then the fun began.  For the next 15 minutes this deer stared straight at us, only breaking his glare when taking a step. I must have told Lexi “don’t move” at least 20 times. I have never seen a deer so focused on something and not have him run away.

The smaller 4-point did run off and came back two different times. I was certain that this buck was going to spook also. And then he did. He flinched and leaped to our right. But then he stopped.  He turned around and slowly walked toward us!

It was the break we needed.  I had previously ranged this spot at 23 yards. I whispered “top line” twice…Lexi listened, and made the perfect broadside shot. (Top line refers to the top line in the scope; we had practiced this on target at different ranges.)

We saw the buck go down within 60 yards.

Both of us were shaking and had tears in our eyes.  I tried to tell Lexi that it was my allergies, but she knew better.  She gave me a huge hug and thanked me for convincing her not to give up. I can’t describe the pride I felt tonight.  It exceeded any rush that I have ever had with any deer I killed myself.  Unreal!—Danny from Maryland