When this pandemic resides and the stay-at-home orders are finally relaxed, we all look forward to 2 things: getting back to work, and going deer hunting this fall.

In the wake of COVID-19, having seen and endured great disruptions to our supply chains and food supply, and facing the reality that we could be locked down again in the future, I believe that more Americans than ever will hunt whitetails come October and November. Most will hunt within 30 miles of their homes, hoping to shoot one or more deer (up to the legal limit) for the freezer.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie, you should strive to hunt your best this season, not only for the satisfaction of it, but also to put meat on the table. The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is here to help.

Through a unique partnership with Clemson University, hunters who have a high-speed Internet connection can take QDMA’s “Deer Steward 1” class online. Once signed up, you’ll have access to a digital recording of one of QDMA’s Deer Steward courses filmed in front of a live audience.

The online course, which includes some 16 hours of video on 20 topics, covers key principles of deer habitat, biology, ecology and management. Course instructors/speakers are “the best of the best” in both the biology and hunting world: Kip Adams, Joe Hamilton, Dr. Craig Harper, Dr. Karl V. Miller, Brian Murphy and Matt Ross.

NOTE: I have worked with and interviewed all these men for magazine articles and my Big Deer TV show over the years. You could not find a more dedicated and qualified group to talk about whitetails and how to manage and hunt them. Take and pass this course and you cannot help but become a better hunter/ecologist, that’s guaranteed.

Look, you’ve watched enough movies and Netflix over the last month. No sports are on. It’s the perfect time to go online and learn all you can about deer, and become a better hunter for this season.

Right now QDMA is offering a temporary discount for this online deer course, click here to sign up and get rolling.

Stay safe during these difficult times, and good luck in the deer woods this fall.