Working a tip one time, Kentucky wildlife officers went to a guy’s house and arrested him on suspicion of illegally killing of 48 deer. 48!

While there, the officers also discovered marijuana plants, indoor grow lights, a cloning system, 16 bags of processed weed, more than 100 pills in plastic bags, 19 firearms and some cash.

A Conservation Officer said at the time, “As for those who do this, most of them don’t have jobs and the biggest percentage are also into drugs.”

Why anybody would poach 48 deer is beyond me, but that’s another story. Most troubling here is, “the biggest percentage (of poachers) are also into drugs.” That is a really broad statement, and I wonder if it is true?

If so, it could it get worse. As the pandemic and unconstitutional lock-down orders continue to wreck our economy and thrust us into a depression, millions more people are losing their jobs and getting desperate for cash. The unsavory ones will sell everything they can get their hands on, including weed, pills and Meth.

And people need to eat; will these same lowlifes poach deer for food, and sell some of those those too?

The more I think about it, bad behavior begets more bad behavior, so, sadly, it is probably right: most people who poach also deal.