The heavy 8-pointer popped out onto the levee road 350 yards away, heading for a dry canal where he would be out sight in seconds. I pulled out my call and cut loose a barrage of loud, aggressive grunts. To my surprise and delight, the buck stopped, looked and began marching my way, the hair up and bristling on his neck. It was the tail-end of the rut, but this bully was still looking to mix it up.

I kept calling intermittently and he keep looking and walking. A couple of times he paused and turned his head as if losing interest. I grunted harder, and by gosh it worked. The old Mississippi warrior marched to within 120 yards, and I dropped him with a 150-grain bullet. We got it all on tape for an epic new episode of BIG DEER TV.

Three takeaways: One, carry your call on every hunt and keep it handy so you can grab it and grunt in seconds. NEVER forget the call, you never know when you’ll need it. Two, grunt, as loudly and aggressively as you need to, at every buck you see walking out of shooting range; you have nothing to lose, a buck has to hear your call and be intrigued enough to respond. Three, once you make contact and get a buck’s attention, watch and read the deer. If he keeps walking toward you great, get your bow or gun ready. But the second he stops or starts to turn, hit the buck with more grunts to keep him hooked and moving your way.