11 06, 2013

Illinois Giant Bow Buck: 211 4/8!

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It will be a few months till deer season and the new big-buck stories start rolling in. Until then, enjoy these giants from the Big Deer archives.--MH Mike: October 27, 2007 my dad, a friend and I hunted until 8:15 am. We all had plans for the day so we ended early. I decided to walk around the perimeter of my 47 acres just to see if anything was around. I have an old Christmas tree farm in Illinois, about 45 minutes from St. Louis. I had walked about 300 yards when I saw this massive rack lying under a pine tree. I kept walking 3 feet past the buck and, nocked an arrow, slowly walked 3 steps backwards and drew. As [...]

9 05, 2013

Michigan: Sopsich Buck (182 1/8) New State Bow Record

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Read the full story at Michigan Outdoor News; here are the highlights: Around Halloween last year in Oakland County, Robert Sopsich, Sr. told sons, Robert Jr. and Danny, that a neighbor had seen a giant buck in a field nearby. The rut was coming on, the bucks were on their feet and they needed to get out in the woods. November 2, Robert Jr. was sneaking along the edge of some pines when he saw the buck walking on the edge of a field. “He was cutting across the field, quartering away from me,” Sopsich told Michigan Outdoor News. “He was walking, then he stopped and I was already drawn back... I only have one pin on my bow – it’s [...]

17 04, 2013

Maryland Monster Bow Buck, 194 5/8!

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  In September of 2010, Maryland bowhunter Luke Muldoon shot a double drop-tine monster that we had on the blog. Last November Luke killed this giant, which is another incredible achievement but, as I see it, the second best part of the story. Here’s the best part. Luke followed this buck around for 5 years, documenting the deer’s growth and maturity with a hand camera and trail cams as he scouted and hunted. Fascinating! A tremendous effort and great hunting, way to go man.    The buck first came around in late November of 2008. He was easy to differentiate from other deer because of the white circles around his eyes. That first year I saw him, I thought he [...]

29 03, 2013

Wisconsin: Todd “Don’t Miss” Vis Buck, 190 1/8!

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Last October we posted the exclusive story of this double-beamed bow giant out of Wisconsin. Many thanks to Bryan Rush for turning us on to this buck, which was shot by his buddy Todd “Don’t Miss” Vis. Bryan sent more pictures of Todd and his awesome archery buck, which took second place at the Wisconsin Deer Classic. The rack was measured by a B&C-certified taxidermist and tallied 190 1/8 gross. Bryan and Todd had rough-measured the rack at the time of kill, and they came up with 188. Good job guys.   If you read the original post, you’ll see that Todd made a great hunting move when he first saw this giant. I write about that smart move in [...]

27 03, 2013

The X-Ray Buck (aka Arrowhead Buck)

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This is the week of bucks with holes in their heads. A few years ago in Maryland Jonathan Leith dropped this 8-pointer. The 2 1/2-year-old buck wasn't big enough for a shoulder mount, so he decided to saw the skull into a European mount. Look what he found! Sunk just below the right eye socket and into the honey-combed nasal sinus area was a piece of an XX75 aluminum arrow with a 3-blade broadhead. I figure that arrow was fired into buck sometime the year before because Jon told a newspaper guy: “There was no physical evidence that the deer had an arrow in it. The skin wasn’t broken, there was no pus pocket. The eye appeared to be normal.” [...]

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