13 10, 2022

4 Great Bow Stands for October Deer

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You can’t go wrong hanging tree stands in these spots the next 2 weeks: Break Line: Look for a linear strip where pines, cedars or hardwood trees come together with brush, tall grass or second-growth saplings. Deer walk and browse on these edges; bucks rub and scrape on the lines as the rut approaches. Oak Ridge: A narrow hogback with acorn trees within 100 yards of a corn or bean field is one of my favorite spots. Deer cut around points, ditches and gullies on a ridge; hang stands on these terrains to funnel bucks close. Bucks will stage, eat acorns and browse in ridge thickets not only in the evenings, but in the mornings as well. Creek or River [...]

11 10, 2022

4 Pet Peeves In Deer Hunting

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In the last 35 years of chasing deer all over North America, I’ve met and mingled with every type of hunter you could imagine, from he-men to average Joes to dweebs. I’m mild-mannered and easy to get along with, have a lot of patience and tend to give hunters the benefit of the doubt. But every once in a while, I need to vent on a few things that get under my skin. If you happen to be one of the offenders I talk about here, I make no apologies, but encourage you to take a step back, think and modify your behavior for the collective good of deer hunters everywhere. Watch the Drinking I enjoy a cold Miller Lite [...]

5 10, 2022

New CWD Deer Transport Laws

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I implore you to read your state hunting regulations booklet this and every season. You’ll keep up to date on any and all rule changes, especially as pertain to Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). I’ll be hunting mule deer in Montana in a few weeks, so reading this new guidance from the state was eye-opening: Scent usage: If you intend to use scents to either mask human odor or as an attractant for deer and elk, you should be aware that the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted regulations in 2021 on which ones you can use. You are safest if you use artificial scents, but you can also use scents certified by the Responsible Hunting Scent Association. You can identify [...]

3 10, 2022

BIG DEER 2022 Moon & Rut Hunting Guide

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For this season I teamed up with my friends over at Outdoor Life to bring you my annual BIG DEER moon/rut-hunting guide. Click here to read the full report when planning your week to take off and hunt. Here are some highlights: October 25: New Moon The new moon, which this rut cycle rises on October 25 and wanes on the dark side through Halloween (zero to 47% daily illumination) deer should move most actively at daylight, with movement decreasing noticeably the rest of the day. Halloween week…is one of my favorite times to bowhunt. This season, with the moon dark and waxing crescent for 6 days, expect to see the most does, and maybe a buck pushing a doe, [...]

1 10, 2022

How To Bowhunt October Deer

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On a crisp, colorful afternoon several years ago, Ontario bowhunter Shane Good shot the buck of his dreams, a 171-inch giant (see picture). The next season, on October 27, Shane ran his climber up the same tree and watched incredulously as another buck—bigger than last year’s—rolled onto the scene. He grunted, and the giant came on a string. Shane’s shot was true; the main-frame 10-pointer scored 176! I emailed Shane and told him how cool it would be to shoot a third monster from the same tree 3 years in a row. This guy is a tremendous bowhunter who was on a hot streak, and I thought he could do it. He sent me this note and photo the next [...]

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