22 07, 2022

9 Bowhunting Hacks For Early Deer Season

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To reduce hand pressure and torque that can throw arrows off line, hold your bow with a relaxed, open palm grip. When you relax your bow-holding hand your entire body tends to follow suit and loosen up, which makes you shoot more accurately. Screw broadheads into the 5 arrows you’ll carry in your hunting quiver. Shoot every arrow into a broadhead. You’ll find that 2 or 3 of those arrows fly truer than the rest, especially if you still use fixed heads. Mark those shafts 1,2 and 3. Those should be the first ones you hunt with. Is your peep sight right? To find out, clip your release to the string, close your eyes, draw your bow and anchor. Open [...]

20 07, 2022

“Clover Roads”: Easy Food Plots For Deer

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If you hunt deer on 200 acres or more of private timber, you probably have several logging roads that crisscross the property. Map out a couple flat road sections that are secluded near the center of your woods and turn them into “clover roads.” Planting 500 to 1,000 yards of open logging road is like putting in a half-acre or one-acre food plot, and with minimal work it’s a no-brainer. With an ATV or UTV and a weighted drag, ride the roads and break up the soil, then plant them with a proven attractant like Imperial Whitetail Clover. A couple things to consider. Plant accessible but hidden stretches of roads--deep in your woods, and out of sight of a county [...]

18 07, 2022

How Many Tree Stands Do You Need To Hunt Deer On 100 Acres?

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As a general rule, hang 3 to 5 tree stands across a 100-acre block of whitetail timber. Spread out those stands to cover as many food sources, travel corridors and staging/bedding thickets as you can, and to have options for hunting all the different winds. Keep these 5 things in mind when setting those stands: A solid tree about 15 inches in diameter is perfect. It is easy and safe to get your arms around as you set steps, climb and hang a perch with a strap or chain. Once you’re up, a tree as wide as your body breaks your silhouette, but it is thin enough so that you can turn and look around for incoming deer. Once you’ve [...]

15 07, 2022

3 Hunting Bow Maintenance Tips

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It's that time of year when we’re shooting and practicing long and hard for upcoming deer season. The pros at Hoyt Archery answer 3 FAQs you might have: How often should you replace a bow’s string and cables? When wear is evident or every 2 years under normal-use conditions. How often should you lubricate a bow’s cams? Lightly lube the axles where they pass though the cams every 1,500 to 2,000 shots. When hunting in dusty or rainy weather, lube wheels or cams daily. Always use a silicone- or Teflon-based lubricant. How often should you wax a bowstring? Once every 2 weeks during peak-shooting times.

13 07, 2022

How To Hunt Mornings In Bow Season In September

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In states where bow season opens early in September, many hunters and archery outfitters I know are reluctant or downright refuse to hunt the mornings. Their reasoning is that it’s tough to get back into stands near a bedding area without spooking deer that are already home and bedded from a long night of feeding in a nearby crop field. Some truth to that, but when I’ve only got a few days or a week to bowhunt an area, I want to hunt the first two hours of each day, which literally doubles my chances of killing a buck. Say I’m on a 5-day hunt. Only 5 sits if I hunt the afternoons only, but 10 if I hunt the [...]

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