15 08, 2013

Confirmed: Gray Wolf Shot in Kentucky

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Back in March, James Troyer shot an animal while predator hunting on his family's farm in Hart County. He walked up and saw it was much larger than a coyote. "I was like - wow - that thing was big!" he recalled. "It looked like a wolf, but who is going to believe I shot a wolf?" Because a free-ranging wolf has not been seen in Kentucky for more than 100 years, biologists were skeptical. Troyer convinced Kevin Raymond, a biologist for the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources, to look at the animal. Once Raymond saw the animal was twice the size of a coyote he contacted furbearer biologist Laura Patton, who submitted samples to federal officials for DNA testing. [...]

7 08, 2013

Amazing Photo: Predator Barn!

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From Boone-Crockett.com: Will Huppertz of Alberta is an expert in the art of harvesting coyotes and wolves. This is the result of his 2012 season: 352 Coyotes and 31 Wolves. Because of the large populations of predators, Alberta's game laws set no limit on either wolves or coyotes. This is awesome and almost as cool as the house of fox pelts we posted last year, but not quite. I like the fox house better.

15 07, 2013

When Hogs Get Your Deer…

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There are an estimated 2-3 million feral hogs in Texas, and those numbers might triple in the next five years. The hogs are causing all sorts of damage. As we have documented here, they get some fawns every year. I had not heard that pigs can find and destroy a deer you shot, like a coyote might, until now. Blogger Wren sent this: “We have hog problems on both ranches I hunt, in the Edwards Plateau area and in Webb County down in South Texas. I have not personally seen hogs feasting on fawns, but I can attest to what hogs can do to downed deer. Very much like the damage coyotes can inflict. My oldest son Todd shot a [...]

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