3 06, 2015

Only in Alaska: Girl Shoots Grizzly, Goes To Prom

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This spring on prom Saturday, most kids were having pre-event dinners and get-togethers with family and friends. But 15-year-old Cassidy Kramer of Kotzebue had different plans. Led by her father, Lance, Cassidy and her 10-year-old brother hopped on snow machines and went bear hunting in the mountains along the Noatak River. Lance told KTUU Anchorage Channel 2 that predator control is important to local families, with moose populations declining in the area’s Game Management Unit 23. “It’s important to go out and get bears in the springtime,” Lance said. “We always try to get a spring bear every year.” Two hours or so into the hunt, Cassidy got her chance. She took aim, fired and hit a bear. When it stopped rolling down a [...]

24 03, 2015

New Science: Deer Eat Eggs, Baby Birds

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For years here in VA we have been blaming critters like raccoons, skunks and opossums for for preying on quail nests and contributing to the decline of wild birds here, but could another nest predator be to blame? Whitetail deer! Nola.com: Pam Pietz, a wildlife biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in North Dakota, set up miniature video cameras that ran 24 hours a day to document the fate of grassland songbird nests. She was surprised to find deer raided as many nests as badgers, and more than weasels or red foxes. I can see a deer munching songbird or quail eggs if it happens across them, but Pietz’s research found they will also eat tiny unborn birds in a nest! Biologists [...]

2 03, 2015

Hunter Shoots Coyote That Attacked Doe!

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This from our friend Adam in Nebraska: Today, I was reminded why I hunt predators. As soon as my buddy Justin hit the caller, a doe whipped her head up from her bed 50 yards in front of me on the other side of the river. Thirty seconds in, as she's analyzing the sound, she turns to look behind her. Out of nowhere, a coyote leaps into the air and pounces on top of her. It latched onto the back of her neck and she stood and started to buck and kick. The coyote lost its hold and the doe ran into the middle of the river. The coyote chased her and stood on the bank yipping at her, where he [...]

16 02, 2015

Shed Hunting: If You Find A Dead Buck

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Shed hunters across America are starting to roam the woods. In addition to finding antlers, a few of you will find deer that died within the last several months from natural causes or were shot and lost by hunters last season. Ken found this first one in VA the other day. Kelly found this one in South Dakota last month. This last carcass, found by one of the Drury team members, somewhere in the Midwest, is mysterious. They had spotted this buck alive and well on January 9, 2015, but found his remains just weeks later. How had the deer died—natural causes, coyotes, or maybe poached? Deer skulls/racks are sad finds, but they make good shed-hunting trophies if you know [...]

6 02, 2015

Coyote Hunting: Best Guns, Calls, Tips

2020-06-10T09:19:51-04:00February 6th, 2015|BigDeer, Predator Hunting|3 Comments

  Now is a great time to try and bust a few coyotes on your land before the fawns start dropping in spring. Here's a quick primer: Find a Killer Setup: Look for a ridge top or hillside that overlooks a field, clear-cut, river bottom or other semi-open area. Try to set up and call where you can see well below, out to 100 or 200 yards or more. The farther you can see a coyote coming in, the more time you have to get your rifle up and prepare for the shot. Coyote Sign: Coyote tracks are 2 to 3 inches long, with 4 toes and round pads. An adult critter’s scat is 2 to 5 inches long, round and fat. [...]

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