6 09, 2013

2013 BIG DEER Hunt Forecast

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After a string of dry to drought years, we’ve had good rain and cool temperatures this spring/summer in many regions. Here in VA and down through the Carolinas, I cannot remember a cooler, wetter summer. Take a look at the U.S. Drought Monitor. With the exception of western Kansas and a few spots in Nebraska, the majority of whitetail range is looking pretty good. There are spots of dry ground, but overall the conditions are much improved over the last few years. In many areas, the corn is tall and the two most prominent and protein-rich legumes for deer, soybeans and clover, are lush and thick. That’s great, but the rebirth of the natural vegetation across the nation, which not [...]

13 08, 2013

Hunters: Chlorophyll For Scent Control?

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Chlorophyll pills are sometimes prescribed to people with extreme bad breath or body odor. Some people use chlorophyll for detoxification, which is in vogue with the hip crowd today. About 30 years ago hunters picked up on this, and started using chlorophyll pills in an effort to help eliminate human odor at the metabolic level. Hunters also chewed gum containing chlorophyll to cut down on breath odor. I wonder if the green tablets or gum really worked for hunter scent control? Probably not, because you don’t see it or hear about it much anymore. Did any of you ever try the pills or gum? I never did, it just seemed over the top to me. My scent control has always [...]

7 08, 2013

Top 10 Tactics on BIG DEER TV!

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Tonight on the show (8 and 11 PM Eastern on Sportsman Channel) I lay out my Top 10 whitetail tactics, one or a few of which I hope will help you shoot a giant this fall. Here’s an example from the script: # 3 Hunt Terrain, Not Sign (with graphic): “Many hunters find hot rubs and scrapes and rush out to hang a tree stand right beside it. Sometimes that works out, but there’s a better way to do it. Hot sign is obviously important because it tells you bucks are in the area and active. Then scout out from those rubs/scrapes/trails for 50 yards, 100, even 200 yards. Find those draws, creek crossings, points of ridges...that bucks have traveled for years, [...]

6 08, 2013

Deer Blood Trails: Did You Know?

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Did you know that if you shoot a buck in a few weeks, he might not leave a heavy blood trail? Scientists say that in early fall deer have high levels of Vitamin K, which causes blood to clot quickly. Also, whitetails produce lots of B-endorphin that helps to heal wounds. So two things: Pick your shots carefully (you never want a one-lung hit and especially in the early season). And I recommend a big-cutting broadhead like the Rage; even if you hit a buck a little off, he’ll bleed and you’ll likely find him. Bottom line: If you put any broadhead/arrow in the right spot, through both lungs, a buck won’t go much farther than 60-70 yards, even if [...]

26 07, 2013

Colorado: Man Applies for BB Gun Permit, Is Targeted By Police

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I am posting this press release pretty much in its entirety because 1) it is so ridiculous; and 2) it is so downright scary. What is going on in Colorado and our country? Discharging a BB gun in the city limits of Grand Junction, Colorado is illegal. In order to try to rid his area of an invasive species, the Eurasian Dove, which Colorado allows to be hunted with no bag limit, James Shults requested a Discharge Permit to use a 30-year old Daisy BB gun to run the pest from his residence and from neighbors’ areas with their permission. After inspection of Shults' neighborhood by two police sergeants the Chief (whom Shults likes personally) refused the permit because the [...]