Maryland Easton Shore: Giant Non-Typical Bow Buck 1581/4!

MD nt buck 2014

Today’s guest blog from bowhunter Eddie Roberts:

Hi Mike: I would like to share a story of the whitetail hunt I went on in Chestertown, MD November 10-15, 2014. I booked the hunt with Kirby Bryan, outfitter for Chesapeake Hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The first 3 days of the hunt were warm, and the deer were moving during the early morning and late evening hours. I saw plenty of deer that were 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old, but I was hunting for a mature buck.

On November 14th I was in a stand positioned between a bedding area and a feeding area. I finally had a good NW wind. It was cold and windy, but I saw a good number of deer. As I was finishing lunch in the stand, I looked up and saw a 7 point coming in at about 30 yards. The buck was very nervous, but I knew he had no idea I was there. He was nervous about something else.

The buck ducked into a thicket and I saw another set of antlers coming through the same brush. I threw up my binoculars and sized this buck to be at least a 10 point, about 80 yards from me. He chased the 7 point down a little green patch of road. My heart dropped as I watched this big shooter disappear.

I grabbed my Extinguisher grunt call and bleated to him 3 times, softly. Before I knew it 7 does appeared out of the thicket and came right in front of my stand. I looked back toward the thicket and saw a doe just standing there. Then I saw more movement… the shooter buck had returned!

The doe eventually moved to mingle with the other does. The big buck stepped out, made a scrape, rubbed a tree, licked his nose and went right for the doe. I readied my Matthews Z 7 Extreme Bow. I drew back when he was at 32 yards. I needed him to take 3 more steps and he would be completely broadside at 30 yards.

The buck stopped, and I let down the bow, waiting for him to make his move. Then I noticed that the doe had made me. I said to myself, “Now or never.” I had a good view of the vital area, and I let my Gold Tip Arrow rip.

I hit the buck a little back from where I intended, but I saw the arrow hit and there instantly was blood. The buck took off and ran back into the thicket. I called Kirby and told him what had happened. He told me to stay put until dark so as not to bump the buck and push him further. I sat there all afternoon, thinking over and over that this would be my trophy of a lifetime if my shot was a good one.

We decided to let the buck lay overnight. Needless to say I had a very sleepless night. The next day we found him 120 yards from where I shot him. I was in shock just looking at the 15-point non-typical antlers. Kirby had called this buck “Freak Nasty, Jr.” and figured he was at least 6½ years old. The rack scored 158¼ inches. I couldn’t be more proud as a bowhunter to harvest such a deer of this caliber. Thanks so much for reading my story.–Eddie

Love the look of that buck, way to go Eddie!

Big Deer TV: Update From The Road

sask buck 2014

Been on the road chasing the rut for 2 weeks now, finally got some Wi-Fi to check in. Ten days ago up in Saskatchewan I shot one of the biggest 8-pointers I’ve killed in a while, the rack scored 140. It was cold, near zero, but no snow. The buck ghosted down a ridge at 3 pm, further confirmation that big bucks move at midday especially during a full moon. Shot him with my Remington Model 783 in .270 with a 150-grain Core-Lokt SP bullet.

wy hunt

From there headed down to Sheridan, Wyoming, where I hunted in the shadows of the Bighorn Mountains. It snowed and was severely cold…temps -10, snow, and one day the legendary Wyoming winds gusted to -40 and -50.

wy buck 2014

But the bucks were in full-blown rut and the hunting and rattling were spectacular. Shot this fantastic 5-year-old buck, whose rack had double split G-2s and great mass out through the beams. Used my favorite rifle, a Remington Model 700 in 7mm RUM topped with Trijicon 2.5-10X scope, and shooting a 150-grain Scirroco Bonded bullet.

Driving north into eastern Montana now, looking for a good mule deer and more killer footage for Big Deer TV. Hope they are rutting like the whitetails are. Good luck with your hunting.



Ohio: Huge 8-Point Buck

ohio danfous 2014

Hey Mike, this is Devin Danflous I shot the 200-inch, 21-point back when I was 14 (see picture below). This is my dad’s buck from this season. It’s a buck I jumped up toward the beginning of the year and I was determined to get him. My dad went out one day while I was at school, sat in a blind where I shot my big buck and shot this pig of an 8-point. I was happy for him and glad that one of us got the buck.—Thanks, Devin from Ohio

ohio 14 kid 200 monster

Kansas: Giant 190” Typical Bow Buck

colziah jones 2014 buck

Saw this on the Field and Stream facebook page: No word yet on who shot it, but some educated guesses are projecting foot-long tines on both sides that could push the net score into the neighborhood of 200 inches…

Reading through the comments with that post, a young man by the name of Colziah Jones wrote:  I shot this deer over a scrape…no feeder!! No high fence!! 100% fair chase…I have 3 years worth of trail camera pics of this deer. A lot of hours were put into taking this deer! More here.

Also in those comments, some jealous hunters were questioning this young man’s great buck, and how he shot it. Why are some people so petty and envious every time somebody shoots a really Big Deer? Why do people have to question a hunter’s tactics and morals? Why can’t we all just be happy for a guy who shoots a giant buck?

The jealousy and pettiness of some hunters, especially those who troll the Interweb and just like to cause trouble, really irks me and is not good for our sport.

Way to go Colziah, awesome buck!

iPhone/Scope Buck Photo

iphone scope buck photo

Today’s great blog comes from Maryland hunter and longtime Big Deer blogger Danny Myers:

Mike: Maryland had its 3-day early muzzleloader season last weekend. I had taken my nephew on Thursday and Friday with no luck. We were a bit discouraged with the lack of deer sightings, so we decided not to go Saturday morning.

I texted his dad around 4:00 Saturday afternoon to see if he wanted to give it one more try and he said no.  I told him that if he didn’t go a buck would probably come out. Sure enough within 15 minutes of sitting down this young 8-point came out.

It took me awhile to get the scope and iPhone lined up, but I was able to get this pic. I sent the pic to his dad and he said my nephew could only shake his head in disappointment.  I watched the deer for about 30 minutes, giving him updates of all the shot opportunities he was missing by not coming with me. Eventually the deer fed back into the woods.

Later in the evening I was surprised by the sight of a 130-class deer.  I would love to have attached a picture of me holding that deer, but I somehow clean missed…100 yards, broadside, and I was kneeling with a sturdy rest. Took my time, the deer had no idea I was there.  Squeezed the trigger.  When the smoke cleared the deer was gone.  I followed his tracks in the mud till they reached the woods.  Not a drop of blood or clump of hair.  Found where the bullet hit the dirt.  I somehow must have shot under him.  I went again the next day to search for a couple hours and came up empty.  I even shot my gun again to verify it was accurate.  And, it was.

It’s been a long time since I missed a deer.  And, the ribbing I’m getting from my buddies is pretty bad.

I have been sitting up on my high horse since I killed my big buck last year.  And with the squeeze of a trigger I have been brought back down to reality.

I told my nephew I was glad that it happened to me instead of him.  And that I would have felt even worse if he had missed that deer.

Without hesitation he looked me right in the eye and said, “Uncle Danny.  I wouldn’t have missed.”