12 Giant Road-Kill Bucks

I saw the first one below today on Twitter, and it got me to thinking about all the huge road-kills I’ve seen and posted on BIG DEER over the years. What a shame these magnificent animals had to die this way, unceremoniously whacked by a car or truck. I’m sure hunters had most if not all of the bucks on camera:

pa roadkill 2018

Pennsylvania, Mifflin County, 2018

va buck hit may - Copy

Virginia May 2018

IN roadkill

Indiana 2018

oa roadkill 2017

Oklahoma 2017

KY raodkill

Kentucky, Fort Campbell, 2017

iowa tital

Iowa “Titan”

KS roadkill

Kansas 2015

alabama roadkill

Alabama 2016

OK 2012

Oklahoma 2012

MD double drop

Maryland Double-Drop 2012

Va 2012

Virginia 2012

bear eats deer

Pennsylvania, Warren County, 2010

One thought on “12 Giant Road-Kill Bucks

  1. I’ve often wondered how it is that they can avoid getting arrowed, or killed by hunters; but run out in front of speeding vehicles to their demise. Apparently they don’t expect danger from vehicles. I suppose it makes sense. My farmer friends often say that the combines (while harvesting beans, corn, or possibly wheat in the summer) don’t bother the deer. But, the moment it stops…and the door swings open…those deer are gone!!

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