EHD Kills Deer In 10 Indiana Counties

IN ehd 2019This post and picture from M.R. James, a legend in the archery world and founder and longtime editor of Bowhunter Magazine:

DAMN EHD IS BACK! It’s been nearly 12 years since the last outbreak of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease turned up on our southern Indiana farm and took a heavy toll of resident deer.

Today I found this young buck dead in a creek bed after a neighbor reported the same finding on his nearby farm nearly two weeks ago. I later saw a sickly buck here but didn’t find a carcass.

I’m (scouting and) counting 15 to 25 whitetails daily so far this month and all appear in good health. Praying they’ll stay that way.

It takes a killing frost to kill the gnats that transmit EHD and fall is a long way off. Thankfully, EHD is not contagious but the flying bugs are the real problem.

An area game warden confirmed that EHD has now been confirmed in 10 Indiana counties so far.

After a few wet years, It has been hot and dry in many areas for the last 2 months, and those conditions are conducive to an outbreak of EHD.

6 thoughts on “EHD Kills Deer In 10 Indiana Counties

  1. Wow! I had not heard that. It’s been plenty wet in the N. section of the state and no EHD outbreaks up here that I’m aware of. Sorry to hear for our southern Indiana brethren.

  2. I live in the southern part of Indiana and in the first 6 months of the year we had nearly a year’s worth of rain. But when July started, the rain shut off and the heat kicked in.
    We didn’t get a drop of rain from July 2-15 and the heat was on. From August 1-21 we had a whopping .95 inches of rain and the heat stayed on. On the 22nd of August we received an inch of rain and it has turned cooler. There’s a chance of rain next week as well. Hopefully the rains will help scatter the deer to other places to get water and the spread of EHD will slow.

  3. outbreaks reported in west kentucky and iowa too, but right not too widespread

  4. Sounds like we got luckier in N. Indiana. Although the faucet did shut off in July for the most part, we did continue to get at least one shower about every week, which most likely kept us wet enough in the northern quadrant to mitigate the midge issue that is most likely present in the southern part of the state. With our crops getting out so late we don’t really want an early frost. Farmers here are praying for later than normal first frosts (which we generally get the first week of October here). We are still in the midst of our sweet corn season here, which is pretty cool Usually by late Aug. the sweet corn season is long gone This year, with crops getting in late, we’re still enjoying sweet corn from around the area, which is nice. And, usually by this time of year the soybeans are yellowing up. However, this season is different. The beans are actually still filling out as we speak. I don’t look to see in beans yellowing (maturing) until at least mid-late September…which is about 2-3 weeks later than normal. Here’s hoping the S. Indiana deer can hold out for at least some more rain showers to disperse the deer out from the areas that are getting hit hardest by EHD.

  5. The rain gods dropped a nice slow inch of rain over my area today. That’s 2 inches of rain in the last 5 days. That should help. It’s also supposed to be a bit cooler than normal over the next two weeks as well.

    Hopefully the reported cases of EHD will slow.

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