mi record buck

Read the full story at Michigan Outdoor News; here are the highlights:

Around Halloween last year in Oakland County, Robert Sopsich, Sr. told sons, Robert Jr. and Danny, that a neighbor had seen a giant buck in a field nearby. The rut was coming on, the bucks were on their feet and they needed to get out in the woods.

November 2, Robert Jr. was sneaking along the edge of some pines when he saw the buck walking on the edge of a field.

“He was cutting across the field, quartering away from me,” Sopsich told Michigan Outdoor News. “He was walking, then he stopped and I was already drawn back… I only have one pin on my bow – it’s set at 20 yards – and he was out there about 45 yards. I didn’t know if I should shoot or not… I put my pin at the top of his back and took the shot.”

The giant ran 400 yards and died in a ditch.

The 12-pointer is amazing, especially those main beams—26 4⁄8 and 26 3⁄8. The rack netted 182 1/8, the new state archery record.

“You really have to see it to appreciate it,” said Robert Sr. “It’s almost a perfect rack.”

Very simple lesson, but one of the best: From Halloween through November 15, the minute you see a big deer on his feet out in the open in daylight, hit the woods and hunt hard as you can for as long as you can. It’s the best time and way to shoot a giant.