KY millsOne day last November Jordan Mills hunted on family property near Lily, Kentucky in Laurel County. He left home about 1:30 PM and was in his tree stand by 2:20. Jordan had patterned the deer in this area and knew they traveled along an abandoned logging road in the afternoons.

It was windy and cold, and darkness fast approached. Jordan decided to try his Extinguisher call, and he delivered two loud grunts. Immediately he heard deer walking behind him—6 does but they were not looking in his direction.

A yearling fawn began to stamp her foot, and all the does looked directly away from Jordan. Then he heard a loud, deep grunt from the direction the does stared. Jordan had to turn completely around in his stand to see what was up.

A buck was downwind from his tree stand, and Jordan immediately saw it was a mature buck. The deer continued to advance down the logging road toward his stand, ambling to about 40 yards, broadside.  Jordan pressed the trigger of his 7mm Rem. Mag and made perfect shoulder shot. The buck ran about 30 yards and collapsed.

Jordan thought he had a nice buck, but did not realize the actual size of it until he got to the deer. He rushed home and got his father, who has supported and guided Jordan’s deer hunting passion from day one.

Together they went to the big deer out of the woods. Dad took one look at the buck and said, “Jordan, most hunters hunt their whole lives without killing such a trophy.” The buck scored 169 4/8.