23 11, 2018

Deer Tactics For Thanksgiving Weekend

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Most of you have several days to hunt this weekend, so after stuffing your face on Thursday, get out and try these tatics: On Friday, November 23, on the day the moon waxes full, you need to spend most of the day in a tree stand or blind. In a North Carolina State study several years ago, researchers said that a common misconception with hunters is that  during a full moon, deer can see better at night. But according to their data, bucks actually moved less on average at night during a full moon and more during the middle of the day, and also earlier in the evenings. With the full moon so late this November, it’s tricky to predict [...]

6 11, 2018

Oklahoma: Early-Rut Blackpowder Buck

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Today's guest blog from Brian out in Southeast Oklahoma: This buck first showed up on my game cameras October 21st. Didn’t know him and had never seen him before. Then he was on camera again the morning of October 29 at 6:00 a.m. I hunted that evening and saw some younger bucks and does but no mature bucks. One young buck was pushing does around and grunting and roaring, so I knew they were rutting in the area. When I slipped out I left most of my equipment in the tree so I could slip in as quietly as possible the next morning. The wind was iffy the morning of October 30th. It was warm but I had that feeling [...]

25 10, 2018

Gun Hunters: Protect Your Hearing

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Had my annual physical recently, and glad to report that, knock on wood, I’m doing well. But doc did say, “You have slight high-frequency hearing loss in your left ear.” I have always been able to hear extremely well, able to pick up the crunch of deer hooves at long range and zero in on the direction and location of those sounds. Hearing has been my greatest attribute as a hunter, and to know I’ve lost even a bit of that is disturbing. Audiologists point out that exposure to noise greater than 140 dB can permanently damage hearing. Almost all guns create noise over that level. A .22 can produce noise around 140 dB, while larger calibers can produce sound [...]

14 08, 2018

Deer Rifle Sale: Get A Remington Model 783 For $300 At Cabela’s

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If you are in the market for a new deer rifle for 2018 head to the nearest Cabela’s or Bass Pro until August 26 and grab a Remington Model 783 for a tad over $300 with tax. This is an unbelievable deal for one of the most accurate and dependable deer rifles I have shot in the last 6 years. I was the first blogger/hunter to shoot and test the Model 783, back in the fall of 2012. Later that November my friend John, who at the time worked for Remington, shot the first buck ever with the 783 on a hunt with me in Saskatchewan. We filmed the hunt for that 160-inch giant for my show Big Deer TV [...]

2 07, 2018

What Happens To Ammunition In A House Fire?

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One night a few years ago my Canadian friend Grant Kuypers returned home to find his shop and man cave engulfed in flames. By the time the fire department got there, everything was gone—Grant’s truck, ATVs, 70 game cameras, all his hunting clothes and dozens of guns in a safe… Grant said most of his stored hunting ammo had simply burned up; a few cartridges had exploded, as evidenced by holes and dents in the gun safe’s walls. The photo here of burned ammo is from the fire at Grant's. Turns out, this is typical of what happens to ammunition in a house fire. According to this KRCR News report, fire officials say that burning ammo is not as dangerous [...]