3 07, 2013

Big Deer TV Tonight on Sportsman Channel

2020-06-10T09:23:34-04:00July 3rd, 2013|Big Deer TV, BigDeer|2 Comments

Season 2 kicks off tonight at 8 and 11 PM Eastern Time. Set your DVR and watch as I hunt for this 29-inch wide muley buck (I knew he was good, but not that wide). One lesson to take away from this episode: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been hunting, a shooting opportunity can go south in a hurry. Stay as calm as you can, keep your wits and react, or big deer will get away from you in seconds. You’ll see what I mean. I love Wyoming, spectacular scenery and lots of game (you’ll see) and awesome people. If you want to hunt out there next fall, I highly recommend the fellow I hunted with on this show. [...]

26 06, 2013

Year of the Drop-Tine Buck?

2020-06-10T09:23:34-04:00June 26th, 2013|Big Deer Stories, Big Deer TV, BigDeer|5 Comments

Steve sent this picture with the message: Mike, I know how you like drop tines… A friend of Steve’s killed the farmland deer in Michigan, northern Macomb County, about 20 years ago. Could it be an omen that the dream buck shows up here on Big Deer after all these years? The obsession to shoot a drop took me years ago, decades ago, though I am not sure when or even why. It is not because I went out one day and saw a dropper skulking through the woods and thought: That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen; I won’t be complete until I shoot one. No, after many years of serious whitetail hunting in 30 states [...]

20 06, 2013

“Big Deer TV” Season 2 on Sportsman Channel

2020-06-10T09:23:34-04:00June 20th, 2013|Big Deer TV, BigDeer|95 Comments

The new season kicks off Wednesday, July 3 at 8 PM EST and runs through hunting season and the end of the year. Special thanks to Intermedia Outdoors, especially the amazing cameramen and editors, for their hard work. Big shout out to our sponsors, top brands in the industry: Cabela’s, Remington, Trijicon, Wildlife Research Center, Yeti Coolers and Zippo. To find Sportsman Channel in your area, click here. Hope you enjoy these highlights, tell me what you think.

24 05, 2013

President Bush’s Warrior Bike Ride

2020-06-10T09:23:36-04:00May 24th, 2013|Big Deer TV, BigDeer|1 Comment

President Bush and 14 Wounded Warriors are participating in the 3rd annual W100K, a 3-day 100 kilometer mountain bike ride at Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, TX. This is awesome, President Bush is a good man. Anything we can do to get these warriors into the outdoors is a great thing. I see it as our obligation to help these heroes who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  As the wars wind down and these heroes come home, we cannot forget them and our duty to help. It is more important now than ever. I can tell you from personal experience what an emotional and life-changing event it is to spend time in a blind or bass boat with [...]

24 04, 2013

Alberta Wolf!

2020-06-10T09:23:36-04:00April 24th, 2013|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Predator Hunting|Comments Off on Alberta Wolf!

In the TV business this is what we call a "screen grab," an image pulled from a video clip. I was reviewing the footage that we shot in Alberta last fall and got to thinking: Man, I am lucky to have hunted in all the places and seen all the things I have over the years...I never take that for granted. I was stalking some deer when that big wolf came lumbering up the tree line. Actually, there were 2 wolves, but we only got the one on film. What an experience, just seeing that ultimate symbol of the wild! It moves you inside, makes you tingle. Some people have asked why I didn't take a shot at it. Well, I didn't have [...]

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